Nicole Jordan – doctoral candidate Nicole Jordan Studios
I’ve never had any hesitations working with Alyson. She is professional and punctual. She is not only an excellent editor, but her guidance has helped me to become a better writer myself. Her suggestions are insightful and creative. I have been turning to her editing expertise for almost ten years and will continue to do so!

Lisa Kremer – project coordinator of Abuelos y Nietos Juntos
Alyson has been working as a private contractor with our project “Abuelos y Nietos Juntos” for several months now, and we have been very pleased with the work she has done for us.  She has excellent skills in communications and public relations.  Specifically she has written some grant proposals for us and is also in the process of revamping our website.  Not only is she a good writer and creative when it comes to graphics, she is also very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her.  We are very grateful for the many ways she has contributed as we are getting our non-profit “off the ground”. 

Lynne Klippel – publisher and owner of Business Building Books
Alyson Sood is an excellent writer and freelancer.  She is responsible, creative, and a skilled wordsmith.  I really appreciate her thorough understanding of social media, marketing copy, and how to tell a compelling story.  However, even though Alyson has outstanding writing skills, she has an even better attribute- she has an outstanding work ethic.  You can depend on Alyson to do good work and get it done on time. 

Stephanie Martel – The Vibrant Living Project
 Alyson was always quick to reply. Sometimes people procrastinate. I appreciated your attentiveness. Working with Alyson gave me confidence and affirmed what I thought was true – I’m doing things the right way!


Elise Blaha Cripe – Enjoy It
I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Alyson. She was prompt and professional. Our focus was on increasing blog traffic through twitter and I noted a 14.5% bump in twitter referrals while working with Alyson.


Tahlia Meredith – Tahlia Meredith
The words Alyson put together for my website sounded exactly like something I would say. Even though I’m a writer, I was having trouble getting things just right for some sections of my website. Now I feel confident that my message is clear and that it reflects me. If you have any hesitations working with Alyson, all I can say is Do it. Doooo it. The turnaround was quick, but I felt that Alyson took the time to really understand me and what I was after. I definitely think Alyson’s input will improve my website.


Jacklyn Lee – Jacklyn Lee
I had some hesitations at first about working with Alyson, but it was just because I wasn’t familiar with her or her work. However, I was impressed by the way she presented herself and her work. Alyson listened to what I needed specifically. I told her about the areas I was feeling unsure about on my website, and she tackled them. It was nice to have someone objectively look at my writing and tell me what I could do better. The biggest benefit I received from using Alyson’s service was the raise in my own confidence. I feel so much better about my About page, and I know that people who go to the page will be inspired to keep reading and exploring. If anyone was unsure about working with Alyson, I would let them know about how helpful it is to have someone who is impartial and talented take a second look at your website copy. It is so easy, quick and SO beneficial.

Sarah Von Bargen – Yes and Yes
Even though it’s always a little nerve racking to hand off a new duty to someone, especially something that seems to require lots of explanation, I didn’t have many hesitations working with Alyson. She was so quick with the work. I just showed her how to do it once, and then I could trust her to finish it on her own!

Karen Bultiauw – Karen Bultiauw
It felt a bit silly to have someone else copywrite for me after doing all the rest of my website myself, but after struggling with the copy for weeks, I decided I needed help. I was impressed with how in tune Alyson was to the suggestions I gave her. From changing the tone of the entire copy to making minute detail changes. After working with her, I feel like my vocal coaching page now really reflects my ideas about teaching and the tone is perfect: friendly and approachable while still being professional.

Molli Voigt – founder and president of On Purpose Journey
Alyson is a talented grant writer with a beautiful heart. Her attention to detail, thorough assessment of information required, and ability to quickly identify what expectations should be met and what expectations should be exceeded makes it a pleasure and an honor to work with her. These days, not many are willing to give more than what is asked of them. . . Alyson’s work reflects a refreshing soul and a brilliant mind.

Peter Hao – founder and CEO of Chinese Service Network
Alyson worked for my company on the client communication and management since 2013. She is a reliable and professional person who pays high attention to every single detail. She has strong editing skills which any business and nonprofit could benefit from. Alyson also has an aptitude for understanding clients’ needs and provides quick solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending Alyson and know that she will always give of her best in any endeavor. Alyson would be an awesome hire for any job.